Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Sarees - From Contemporary To Chic

From time vintage to the time now, a dress that has not lost its charm or even had it diminished in any measure is the saree. Saree has retained its number one spot in every woman's heart. The trends that have come and gone have not been able to shift it from its elevated position. It still enjoys the favorite spot in every girl's wardrobe. A saree has always had the distinction of signifying the transformation of a girl into a woman. It represents a girl's coming off age, as it is generally sported by women in the age group of 20 and up. This is one reason why a saree is always carefully chosen and preserved.

The saree has undergone a sea of transformation to become one of the most glamorous outfits ever. It has assimilated in itself all the trends and cosmetic changes that have come its way, and incorporated them so seamlessly that they seem to have been an integral part of it since the beginning. What with bollywood celebrities sporting them at international events, they have gained recognition and appreciation. More and more people all over the globe are waking up to its unmatched grace and poise. This has been the defining point for the evolution of saree as a much loved western outfit.

Sarees were earlier categorized by the place where they were made. From precious kanjivarams to south silks to Banarasi sarees, they were every woman's prized possessions. Each piece was unique and differed in material, style and also in the way it was draped. Modern touches have been given to the saree, and now there has been a sea of change in the way modern saree is perceived. It is no longer limited to be worn at wedding ceremonies and family functions. Sarees are now a modern girl's outfit.

The blouse designs have changed and modernized in ways that lend it a haute and chic look. From backless cholis to noodle strap-blouses to off-shoulder tops, the blouse adds glamour to a saree. With designers now giving equal attention to the blouse and border of a saree, it has helped up the style quotient. Girls in their early twenties don sarees effortlessly, without worrying to learn how to drape a saree. This has been made possible by already-stitched, ready-to-wear sarees that are complete with pleats and seem even neater as compared to unstitched ones.

Sarees lend the ultimate grace that cannot be matched by any other dress. They are now being adopted and heartily welcomed in the wardrobes of women in the west too. This is one fad that is not going to die down soon.